fontana, california


DMI design is a true "full-service" agency offering a broad range of services in creative design, web development and 3d modeling/animation as well as photography and full video services including production, post production and visual fx.

With a broad range of skills at our finger tips, we are able to travel throughout the entire creative process from conception to completion under one roof, ensuring that the integrity of every campaign is carried out to our high standards.

DMI design offers a wide range of multimedia services to make sure that all your design needs are met. We can offer you website design that incorporates video and/or animation. We can design a print ad that incorporates 3D-modeled renderings of your product. We can offer interactive brochures that can be downloaded to your computer from your website or catalogs of your product that can be made into mobile apps.

New media encompasses the emergence of digital, computerized, or networked information and communication technologies. These technologies include websites, mobile apps, computer multimedia, computer games, CD-ROMS, and DVDs. New Media allows the user to interact and navigate through the design in a nonlinear way. DMI design is an graphic design company that excells in new media. We can design your website, mobile app, or interactive brochure with a professional and elegant design that compliments your company's look and feel.

Are you in need of a 2D or 3D illustrator? Many times, a client has a product that they need to advertise, but it is impossible to photograph. Sometimes the product is only in a conceptual stage and has not yet been manufactured. This is where 3D illustration comes in. DMI design is more that just a graphic design company, but a 2D and 3D illustrator, as well. We can take those conceptual ideas and illustrate the product to photo realistic renderings that can be used in catalogs and brochures. We have even been commissioned to work on the actual product design.